Heralds of Good News

The Missionary Society of Heralds of Good News (HGN) was established by the Very Reverend Dr. Jose Kaimlett in the Diocese of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India, on October 14 1984.

The Charism of HGN is “the promotion of vocations to priesthood, the training of seminarians and the supply of zealous and hardworking missionaries to the dioceses in India and abroad which experience a shortage of priests due to the lack of local vocations.” This mission statement became the constitution of the HGN religious order.

In 2008, the HGN Society, with the approval of the Holy See, established five provinces: Mary Queen of Apostles Province; Divine Mercy Province; St. John Paul II Province; St. Mother Teresa Province; and St. Paul Province.

The Religious Order of HGN today, with the single-minded devotion of every member, is the solid expression of the vision and values of Reverend Kaimlett. The HGN order now has 487 priests working throughout the world. An estimated 50 Seminarians (at various stages of formation) are working in toward priesthood.

HGN missionaries conduct numerous ministries including old age homes; hospitals; schools; a rural pharmaceutical dispensary; retirement homes; soup kitchens; leprosy rehabilitation centers; a tuberculosis sanitorium; cancer hospitals; hospice; drinking water facilities; retreat centers, and more.

The current pastor of the Montelores Catholic Community, Reverend Arokiya Soosiadhas Panneerselvam, (Fr. Soosai), HGN, belongs to Mary Queen of Apostles Province which comprises 120 priests.
Fr. Soosai may be contacted at the Parish Center at 20 South Market Street in Cortez.

Province of Mary Queen of Apostles of the Clerical Missionary Society of Heralds of Good News. (hgnqueenofapostles.org)

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